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DFS Demos has a decade of experience running successful Grocery demos. Our success stems from our philosophy that we are not a food tasting company, we are a sales company. Demo reps understand that they are sales people not just sampling facilitators. They are incentivized to make sure consumers are taking your products with them.

Our Services


Our DFS Demo Representatives are trained to clearly and effectively illustrate the value and benefits of our manufacturers and vendor products.  We understand the importance of our mission to provide a great experience in our demonstrating of products to the store customers and make every effort to do so in an effective manner.


At DFS we understand that we are a key connection or link to customers trying products.  We realize that in many instances, we are dealing with first time purchasers.  We strive to make the very best impression and to influence customers to purchase the products through our knowledge and the recommendations we make.  


At DFS, our team focuses on effective selling through persuasion.  This requires that we have the ability to influence and persuade customers to buy.  Our knowledge of all aspects of the products and our presentation is critical to our selling success.  We strive to give the customers a positive and great tasting experience through our preparations and coordination with our manufacturer and vendor partners.  Our demo team members are incentivized and motivated in obtaining sales goals in all of our demos. 


"DFS is extremely professional and really understand how to promote product.  I would recommend DFS without reservation.  I’m confident you’ll be satisfied with this company!"

Josh Allen
Director of Sales - ARO

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