DFS Demo Services is a powerful tool in helping your company introduce products to new customers. Our team members are very professional and friendly and make every effort in providing the customers with a great educational and tasting experience.  This requires us to do more than just sample products.  Our team studies and researches the items that we are demonstrating in advance.  We want to be able to share valuable product information with every guest during the demos.  We request from the manufacturers talking points, statistics, point of purchase and other information that will help us to be more effective.  These include product benefits, nutritional information, selling points, varieties and value.  We strive to make the very best impression and to influence customers to purchase the products through our knowledge and the recommendations we make. 


One of our major goals is to seek out team members that are outgoing and truly enjoy working and serving people.  We strive to provide a very positive experience for every customer we serve.  We work closely with the management of the stores we visit.  We coordinate our demos in advance with the management teams.  We call before every demo to make sure the stores are prepared and ready to go with product and effective demo locations.  We make every effort possible to insure a great and successful demo experience.