Why Choose                    

DFS Demos?


DFS Demos insures that our Demo Team Members are professional and friendly.  We seek out team members that are outgoing and truly enjoy working and serving people.  We strive to provide a positive experience for every customer we serve.


Our DFS Team Members do their homework.  Our people study and research the products we are demonstrating.  We want to be able to share valuable product information to every guest during our demos.  We request talking points and other valuable information from the manufacturers regarding their products and the benefits, selling points, nutritional information, value, etc.  This valuable information enhances our selling capabilities.


Our DFS Team focuses on selling.  We are not only experts in our demonstration of products but we also do everything we possibly can to sell the product.  Our people are trained with key selling points and ideas they can use to encourage customers to want to try the products.  We pride ourselves in this aspect of our demo process.


Our DFS Team is always respectful of the store management and those we are serving.  Our team is expected to check in with management prior to every demo and to receive any special instructions from management teams.  We realize that we are guests in the store and we will always do what we are asked to do by those in responsible positions of authority.  We focus on being on time and always leaving the store in the same condition as when we arrived.  We are polite and eager to assist in any way we can to insure the success of our demos.


At DFS, we understand the importance of reporting.  We track the merchandise that we sell and provide a Post Demo Report at the end of the demo period.  This report includes sales, traffic, location of the demo in the stores, responses from the customers regarding their tasting experience, which particular flavors they liked the best, opinions on the packaging, nutrition and more.  We encourage the manufacturers and vendors to give us questions that they would like us to ask the customers that would help them in their product evaluation.